Frequently asked questions


What is Syncedbeans?

syncedbeans is a smart computerized network service which facilitates frictionless exchange of commercial information between suppliers and customers.

  • syncedbeans writes your invoices directly to your customer system and notifies you when they are ready for processing
  • syncedbeans delivers supplier invoices to your system and eliminates the need to capture them manually
  • syncedbeans maps your suppliers' items to your inventory or creates new items from supplier invoice
Syncedbeans also provides invoice processing functionality for your suppliers on non integrated systems. Utilizing Google vision, Syncedbeans will convert files containing invoice information into invoice entries in your accounting system.

Who are syncedbeans users?

1. Accountants, servicing multiple clients 2. SMEs required to capture multiple commercial documents in their operations. 3. Corporate organizations, requiring to distribute multiple invoices and and other commercial documents to their customers and suppliers

What are syncedbeans benefits?

syncedbeans extracts invoices (and other commercial documents) from your accounting system and writes them directly to your customers’ and suppliers' systems. As a supplier you benefit by getting paid faster and by knowing that your invoices are available for payment processing by your customer. As a customer you benefiti by saving time and money required to capture your customers’ invoices into your system and by effortlessly keeping your stock uptodate. Both parties also benefit by elimination of errors introduced by capturing invoices manually and their systems contain information required for management reporting and compliance earlier.

Which accounting systems are currently available on syncedbeans platform?

XERO and Sage Business Cloud. Please contact us if your system is not available. More to come soon

In which territories syncedbeans is available?

South Africa

Is syncedbeans secure?

Absolutely. Syncedbeans is accredited by the accounting systems it integrates with. Syncedbeans is utilizing Google firebase platform for authentication and security. syncedbeans staff does not have access to your passwords. Access to your accounting systems is managed by the accounting system vendors, utilizing best security principles (such as data encryption). syncedbeans makes use of accredited payment processors and will never have access to your sensitive information - such as credit card details or banking passwords

Multiple companies and multiple users

You can connect as many companies as you need to a syncedbeans account. The number of users is also not restricted. Our pricing model is not based on number of companies or users

What are "system to system" transactions?

Commercial information generated in originators' system uploaded to syncedbeans and transformed according to the requirements prescribed by the recipient' system. This transactions do not require any manual capturing or document processing

What is "real time"?

Relating to a system in which input data is processed within seconds/miliseconds so that it is available virtually immediately as feedback to the next process. A customer invoice generated in suppliers' and uploaded to Syncedbeans is immidiately (miliseconds) available to the customer.


What happens if my accounting system is currently not supported by syncedbeans?

Please let us know about the system you are using. We are constantly working on bringing new systems onboard and we will advise you when the integration will be complete

What about client support?

Email support is provided during normal working hours. Typical response time takes 10 to 15 minutes. +27 11 581-1250 during office hours We are piloting online chat support as well. Please try it and provide us with some feedback :)

What can I run syncedbeans on?

Syncedbeans app We have extensively tested on windows in Chrome, explorer and Mozilla Syncedbeans mobile app In addition to what Syncedbeans app runs on, you can run it on Android (Chrome) and IOS (Safari)

How do I access syncedbeans app?

All Syncedbeans technology is web based. The url for the main app is You can access the mobile app from any IOS or Android device on Apps are also available under Login menu on this site

How do I process supplier invoices?

Their are three convinient ways to process supplier invoices: If your supplier is on an integrated system, connect them on Syncedbeans, define processing rules and get the invoices directly into your system. Use the mobile app: It will transform an electronic image of the invoice into structured data and sync it into your accounting system. Use the email address: all email attachments will be processed as invoices and synced into your accounting system. The email address of each company is available under settings/accounting systems. You can also view it in the supplier view

How do I login into the mobile app?

You need to first create an account on On an Apple phone: In Safari goto See about adding Syncedbeans to your home screen On an Android phone: In chrome goto See about adding Syncedbeans to your home screen

I want to sign up for trial. What are the next steps?

You can create a trial account or you can contact us to schedule a demo/setup session. To speed up the process, you can think upfront about: 1. Who will be the system administrator in your organization? This user will be able to add different companies and manage other users roles and access permissions 2. What companies do I connect first? Start with the high volume ones, so Syncedbeans can add value ASAP

What are the operating hours?

The system is available 24 x 7 x 365. Customer support is available during office hours: Mon - Fry 09:00 to 16:00

Business process

What type of entries Syncedbeans generates in my accounting system?

Multiline invoices and single expense entries. Use multiline invoices for invoices with stock itmes or when you need to allocate lines to multiple expense accounts/stock items. Use single line entries to generate a one line expense in your accounting system.

How does Syncedbeans helps with compliance?

Syncedbeans stores all the original documentation (such as supplier invoices) and makes them available to the user in archive. So the structured information is extracted, transformed and written to the customers' system and the original document generated by the suppliers' system is available in Syncedbeans archive and stored for 7 years

How can Syncedbeans helps you change and optimize your business?

Syncedbeans helps to move from traditional batch processing to event driven process. For example the current as-is batch process may require capturing supplier invoices once a month (it is impractical with-out appropriate tools to do it more often). This process is "clock-drive" - once a month. Event driven - means your business is geared responding to a business event with-in a short period of time (in real time). This requires to have all the required information a short while after the event occurs. If you process supplier invoices on monthly basis your creditor balances and inventory only updated for a short while once a month. If you process them as they occur - your books are always accurate and you have a full view of what your business cash requirements are. You inventory is also always up-to-date


What is syncedbeans pricing?

Pricing is available on the pricing page. We offer a one month trial (no obligations, no credit card required).

What are the billing rules?

  • Your billing cycle starts when you sign-up for your one month trial account. The administrator can subscribe for the paid version at any point with-in the trial period. You billing day of the month is set when you subscribe for the paid version. Billing will occur every month automatically
  • We are using Sage Pay as our payment processor iin South Africa
  • All OCR processed transactions (submitted via mobile and email) are charged to your syncedbeans account
  • For system to system transactions: transactions are free for the originator. The party syncing the data into their system is required to be in trial period or have a paid subscribtion and credits (for example you uploaded a customer invoice - free of charge and always available, if you need to download a supplier invoice - charges apply)
  • Topup bundles never expire, provided the subscription is paid up. In case of unpaid subscription we provide a facility to catch up payments
  • We will always charge your subscription first. When the transaction balance on the subscription is depleted, we will start charging the topup bundels for the transactions