is a network enabling commercial information exchange between customers, suppliers and accountants in real time

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  • No more paper, no more tedious manual capture of supplier invoices

  • Supplier receipts and invoices are submitted directly by connected suppliers, emailed or captured with a mobile app

  • Collected images are processed utilizing google vision powered OCR

  • Smart mapping of supplier invoice lines  to expense accounts or customer inventory learns your expense allocation and inventory rules

Our technology and partners

Google vision OCR enables error free data extraction from emailed or scanned supplier invoices

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Google AI is constantly analysing information provided by Google vision OCR

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Google cloud enables top security and performance

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XERO advanced API provides accurate, real time information exchange

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Sage Business Cloud advanced API provides accurate, real time information exchange  

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Products and Services

For accounting practices

Syncedbeans provides you with a great toolkit to save costs and optimize your business. The toolkit consists of a software components that connect suppliers and customers, a mobile app and a mailbox. Syncedbeans app collects invoices from connected suppliers, allows specification of invoice processing rules and writes the invoices to the customer system. The mobile app and mailbox are provided as invoice collection mechanisms for suppliers that are not connected to the network

For all businesses

Syncedbeans is a network of customers and suppliers. Each network participant benefits as a customer and as a supplier.

As a supplier you benefit by getting paid faster. Your invoices are ready for payment processing and approval earlier and with no effort from your customers. Syncedbeans notifies you when your invoices have been delivered to customers and are ready for payment processing.

As a customer you are benefiting by reducing efforts and cost required to process supplier invoices. You can also manage your inventory better by using syncedbeans item mapping features


How it works

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Syncedbeans web app

Syncedbeans app has features required for you to invite your customers and suppliers, process invoices and set invoice processing rules, manage your user and connected accounting system and much more

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Dedicated mail box

Each customer company is given a free mailbox per supplier for their convenient invoice submission. Syncedbeans collects and processes them

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Syncedbeans mobile app

Built to submit your scanned receipts and invoices to our OCR processing center

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OCR processing 

Syncedbeans powered by Google Vision eliminates capturing mistakes


Our vision

Customers and suppliers, all over South Africa, exchange commercial information in real time. Information flows directly from the system of origin to the recipient with no manual intervention. Mistakes and misunderstandings are removed from business transactions

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